We offer an exclusive portfolio of brands that includes  All+ and Profilo Smart ,
which represent the best synthesis of the synergy that is created throughout
our production process, from the raw material to the finished product,
giving great importance to the design and use of materials and finishes.


ALL+ is a brand that includes aluminium furnishing elements intended for outdoor and indoor public spaces. The ALL+ brand combines design and technology, bringing together know-how, research, creativity and modern shapes.


Shading and protective systems, table and seating designs.
Design objects that go beyond the concept of outdoor furniture, and that transform form into function, blending naturally with the environment that surrounds them. This is the ALL+ outdoor environment, collections of furnishing elements designed to create welcoming places, relaxing corners, waiting areas or meeting areas, without sacrificing innovation and modularity.

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Urban design

LOCO is a system designed for street furniture for all public or private waiting areas. The LOCO system has taken shape from a unique design concept, that can be expanded infinitely. The sitting area in enhanced by shelters, tables, bollards, information totems, bicycle holders, internet stations and gazebos.

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Profilo Smart is an innovative brand, leader in the design of functional solutions linked to accessibility for Hospitality. The Profilo Smart system is designed to make the bathroom environment flexible. It is based on an aluminium profile on which bathroom accessories can be easily added, removed or moved.

Track and cover

The strengths of the versatile Profilo Smart system are functionality and aesthetics. Our cover offers unlimited freedom in the choice of design and allows the use of infinite motifs, inserts, finishes, drawings, prints, engravings, carvings and more.

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Toilet area

The range of armrests offers ergonomic and fold away options. The structure is in aluminium with internal components in stainless steel and nylon; the support area is in thermoplastic material with an anti-slip finish, warm to the touch and anti-scratch. All plastic surfaces are antibacterial for perfect hygiene. The range of armrests is available with anodised or stainless-steel finish.

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Shower area

The range of shower seats has an aluminium structure with internal components in stainless steel and nylon. The armrest is made of painted thermoplastic material with a non-slip finish, warm to the touch and scratch resistant. The backrest and seat cushions (easily removable for cleaning or replacement) are in XL EXTRALIGhT®, which makes them light, flexible, comfortable and antibacterial

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Sink area

The range of supports is designed to help the user adjust the height of the sink according to their needs. It does not require the use of tools to adjust it and this is a great advantage both for the user and for the carers.

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Bathroom area

Profilo Smart is based on an aluminium coupling system, hidden by a cover, the design of which can be customised, depending on the environment in which it is to be used.

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