We shape the raw material to give life to design works

Innovation, creativity, technology and a deep knowledge of materials: this is the DNA of Bsinergy, where the design and technological philosophy translates into the search for the perfect balance between innovation and functionality, with a marked touch of design. Starting from the development of the project, our goal is to manage each project at 360 ° through the use and constant research of the most innovative technologies based on the transformation and processing of the material.

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BSTech has acquired a wealth of knowledge of both materials and companies specialized in processing and finishing, thanks to the experience gained and built up over more than thirty years, serving the vast and complex world of industry, design and lighting with leading manufacturers.

Inside, the Custom Made section has increasingly become a need dictated by a continuously developing market niche, which has complex needs, without production numbers and with a notable design demand. We thus develop and create “tailored projects”, thanks to our technologies and a frantic search for materials.

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Bsinergy offers the market through its BSDesign division an exclusive portfolio of collections, which represent the best synthesis of the synergy that is created throughout the production process, from the raw material to the finished product, giving great importance to the design and use of materials and of the finishes.


Our collections

The material inspires

the designer elaborates

the final product comes to life


We shape the material to translate your projects into reality. All this by making available our know-how, our experience in the processing of aluminum, glass and wood to create and manufacture your custom made products.


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