About Us

Bsinergy was born as a reality capable of proposing itself in the design, construction and distribution in the world of furniture design and lighting



To meet the new demands coming from an increasingly evolving market, Bsinergy proposes itself as a company capable of designing, industrializing and producing furniture items based on the customer’s design, up to the design of furniture elements and lights designed for companies and signed by Bsinergy.

Bsinergy is therefore divided into three well-defined sections.

Technology, the maximum expression of the capacity for industrialization and the know-how acquired over the years, starting from the raw material, having complete control of the production chain, through technologies, processes and services, made available to our customers.

Custom Made, where the development and implementation of projects becomes tailored. Customer orientation is therefore the key to creating high quality products that respond to every specific design need.

Products, of which the study takes place taking into account every single design aspect linked to feasibility, aesthetics, materials and finishes. The result is a wide proposal of collections that are placed at the center of the contemporary design market.



We shape the raw material to give life to design works

Innovation, creativity, technology and a deep knowledge of materials: this is the DNA of Bsinergy, where the design and technological philosophy translates into the search for the perfect balance between innovation and functionality, with a marked touch of design. Starting from the development of the project, our goal is to manage each project at 360 ° through the use and constant research of the most innovative technologies based on the transformation and processing of the material.



Bsinergy bases its philosophy on the deep search for new materials through the use of innovative technologies to create products, services and projects that combine different elements and on the use of recycled materials such as glass and aluminum. Furthermore, Bsinergy is particularly attentive to the transformation and processing processes of raw materials, thanks to the continuous development of relationships with partners who embrace these objectives: to combine design with innovation with a particular focus on respecting the environment.