Cutting to size | Drilling and Threading | Bending | Welding BlankingPunching and Printing | CNC Processing

Laminating Process | Surface Treatments | Thermal Break | Glass Processing | Glass Finishes


Cutting to size

We perform individual blade cuts by using single-blade or multi-head machines mainly on profiles, metal and glass plates.

Drilling and Threading

We customize threads according to required coupling function on profiles, castings and metal plates.


We have the possibility to shape the profiles in the most varied shapes through the technologies of calendering, bending, CNC bending and stretch bending.


We carry out welding through TIG, MIG and MAG processes ensuring an excellent final result.


We make blanking through a large fleet of pneumatic presses that allow us to carry out these operations on pieces of any size, such as profiles and metal sheets.

Punching and Printing

For deforming, drilling, marking both profiles and sheets.

CNC Processing

We work with CNC machining centers up to five axes that perform machining with very narrow tolerances on lengths up to 6.5 meters.

Laminating Process

Blanking, calendering, punching, drilling, welding, surface finishing and assembly.

Surface Treatments

We carry out all the finishes in bars and pieces, completing them with polishing, cleaning and sandblasting necessary to be able to offer a complete quality service to the customer.

Thermal Break

Our products are mainly obtained by extrusion (mono / bi / tri-component), with possible additional transformation processes such as: cutting, joining, bi/ adhesive applications, die-cutting, painting, flocking, coupling.

Glass Processing

We perform cutting, water jet cutting, grinding, chamfering, drilling and engraving operations.

Glass Finishes

We carry out sandblasting, etching/ satin finishing, stratification/ lamination, enamelling/ painting and tempering operations.