we SHAPE raw material... ... to give life to Design works aluminium... we MODEL ...to generate Custom products MADE in ITALY materials... we USE ...to forge Stylish forniture the MATERIAL inspires, the DESIGNER elaborates and... ... the finished product is Realized

 “Innovation, creativity, technology and a deep knowledge of materials”
Here is everything we offer for your idea to take shape in reality, with us.


BSinergy’s know-how is based on the management of materials, through the use of the most innovative production technologies. We are able to develop your projects by combining different materials.


We are always looking for innovative technologies, based on transformation techniques and material processing, thanks to the continuous dialogue with our technological partners, with the aim of combining innovation, reliability, design and service.


We are specialized in the compete management of your industrial projects. Each production step is connected to the others with competence and reliability, starting from the development of the project.


Thanks to the gained experience, we create custom made furniture items signed by BSinergy design, which encompass all our design and our technological philosophy, searching for the ideal innovative and functional balance emphasizing design.